Avoided Foreclosure and Saved Credit!
Paid off her mortgage, netted her $8K, she paid $0 closing costs/commissions!

Stop Foreclosure Now - Sell Your Property For Cash Before Losing It At Auction

We helped a hard-working single mother avoid losing her house to the auction.

We contacted Lizeth to let her know a Notice of Trustee Sale was recorded on her property and that we could offer her an alternative solution to save her situation…

She explained that she was working long hours and trying to take care of her autistic son.  When asked what her plans were with the house, she was planning to just let it go to auction and see what happens…

We informed her that we could purchase the property from her directly, saving her thousands of dollars on commissions and we would pay the closing costs.  We inspected the property, presented our offer, and she agreed!

Lizeth was able to payoff the mortgage, avoid the auction, net $8,000 CASH, and even got to stay in the property for an additional 3 weeks after close so that she could find suitable housing!

This is the kind of service you can expect from us!

Sell the house fast and hassle-free!

Property Savers is a real estate solutions company helping homeowners sell their property quickly.  Our process is only a few simple steps and we can close in less than a week or you can pick a close date that is more convenient for you.  Experience the hassle-free way of selling a home where you are in control the whole way!

Step 1

Connect with us so we can learn more about the situation.  Quick, Easy & Free!

Step 2

We’ll schedule a time to meet you and see the property.

Step 3

Receive your free no-obligation purchase offer.


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