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Avoid Probate In Nevada With A Set Aside - We Can Help!

Just recently Will received a notice postcard from us in the mail informing him that there were multiple liens recorded on his property.

He filled out the form on our website and we got to learn more about the situation.  It turns out the property was vacant, in pre-foreclosure, needed a decent amount of work, and the current ownership was unknown as Will’s wife had passed away with no paperwork left in place for the property.

We visited the property for a quick inspection and made him an offer there on the spot which he agreed to.  To avoid going through the lengthy and costly probate process, we engaged an attorney (and paid the $3,400 bill) to do a set-aside.  After a few weeks of waiting for the court to sign off we were able to purchase the property and Will was able to move on without any hassles.

  • We paid off the mortgage which ended the foreclosure process
  • We paid the legal expenses and closing costs
  • Will was able to walk away with $10,000 cash
  • Will was able to sell the property in as-is condition

We specialize in creating win-win solutions like the one above for homeowners across Southern Nevada.  In fact, we will not move forward unless a homeowner tells us they a benefitting tremendously by working with us. Are you ready to experience the hassle-free way to sell a house?  What do you have to lose?

– The Property Savers

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