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Property Savers, LLC is a real estate solutions company that specializes in helping a niche of homeowners sell their property quickly and hassle-free.

Did you know for every 100 houses sold in Las Vegas, approximately 5 of them do not sell through the traditional route and are sold “off-market”.   That’s where we focus.

Our process is three simple steps and we can close fast, or pick a close date that is convenient for you.

Experience the hassle-free way of selling a home where you are in control the whole way!

Our Process

Step 1

Connect with us so we can learn more about the situation.  Quick, Easy & Free!

Step 2

We’ll schedule a time to meet you and see the property.

Step 3

Receive your free no-obligation purchase offer.

How We Compare

The process is fast and easy because you sell directly to us and a local reputable title company handles all of the paperwork.

This table compares the costs and benefits of selling the traditional route, vs. selling directly to us.

Who Are We?

The owners, Favian and Courtney, focus on providing value to every homeowner’s unique situation by taking the time to listen, understand the situation, and craft the best solution.  No two situations have ever been similar.

Favian and Courtney have been invited to speak multiple times to groups about real estate…
Favian and Courtney are high school sweethearts and are known as The Property Savers…

Core Values

Integrity.  Always do the right thing, PERIOD.

Service.  Focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Results.  Always provide winning solutions for ALL parties involved.  

Why Do We Do This?

For every 100 houses sold in Las Vegas, approximately 5 of them do not sell through the traditional route and are sold “off-market”.   There are MANY reasons for this.   Common owner specific reasons include; behind on payments, job loss, job relocation, divorce, bankruptcy, back taxes, etc.  Common property specific reasons include; deferred maintenance, excessive repairs needed, fire damage, water damage, foundation issues, vandalized, trouble tenants, etc.

These reasons lead to a homeowner being considered a “motivated seller” because realtors and potential retail buyers are scared away by the situation due to not having proper experience in navigating these.

This is where The Property Savers come in and create value for these motivated sellers by helping them move on from the property so that they can go back to enjoying life!

Testimonial – Avoided Foreclosure and Saved Credit

Stop Foreclosure Now - Sell Your Property For Cash Before Losing It At Auction


Testimonial – Sold Rental Condo Quickly in As-Is Condition

Sell Your Las Vegas Condo Fast for Cash In As Is Condition | No Repairs | No Commissions

Testimonial – Sold Large Las Vegas House Quickly In As Is Condition and Saved Thousands on Closing Costs and Commissions

Sell Your House Fast in Las Vegas Fast

Case Study – Sold Las Vegas House and Avoided Length Probate Process

Avoid Probate In Nevada With A Set Aside - We Can Help!


Case Study – Sold Inherited Las Vegas Manufactured Home in As-Is Condition

Sell Any Property Fast and Avoid The Hurdles of the Traditional Route

In short…

No matter what condition your house is in; no matter what situation or timeframe you’re facing… Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.

 Are you ready to experience the hassle-free way to sell a property?

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